Montco Lecture

John Burns was invited by Professor Dianne Mill, Montgomery County Community College, to give a lecture on his personal experiences in graphic design. [...]

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The University of the Arts OppFest 2016

John Burns Design Group is proud to participate in The University of the Arts OppFest 2016 on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. This annual [...]

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AC Lordi Search Is Now Xplora Search Group

Xplora Search Group has split the search practice from AC Lordi to form a new stand-alone company, Xplora Search Group. With this move [...]

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Marketing and Fundraising for Nonprofits

John Burns, John Burns Design Group. The students of the University of Pennsylvania’s Executive MPA program will benefit from the wisdom and expertise [...]

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Moore to Come…

John Burns will be returning to his position as adjunct professor of graphic design at Moore College of Art and Design. John is [...]

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Posters Against Ebola

John Burns Design Group (JBDG) was recently honored to be asked to participate, with an exclusive group of designers from around the country, [...]

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Rockport Publishers

The book 1,000 More Greetings by Rockport Publishers will feature a collaboration between John Burns Graphic Design and Cooper Graphic Design. The firms [...]

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Heritage of the League

John Burns Graphic Design creates and launches a custom website for The Heritage Center. The new site showcases the rich history, heritage and [...]

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Philadelphia University

John Burns is contracted to teach a class on publication design at Philadelphia University, sharing his knowledge to help shape a new generation [...]

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Cristo Rey Philadelphia

John Burns Graphic Design is contracted to create a new brand identity for this unique academic institution.

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